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Post  Rez on Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:51 am

Professor: Here comes a guy that I really like, Skip.

Skipper: You would, Mr. Professor, he's a lot like you.

Professor: What's that supposed to mean?

Skipper: Neither one of you are very good at what you do, zing!

Professor: Cute, Skip. Rez is in the ring, and has a mic. Let's see what he's got for us tonight.

The fans are chanting "Acid, Acid, Acid!" Rez gives them a moment to settle before clearing his throat and-

Rez: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. It's great to be standing before all of you, in this ring, on the AAWA's biggest stage, Showcase!

Skipper: I hate a cheap pop, it's so...cheap.

Professor: But these fans love it, and Rez Acid seems to know that.

Rez: I come before you tonight, a bit humbled. You see, I'm a bit down after my most recent defeat at the hands of Mr. Roboto. While it was a helluva match, it was a match I felt like I could have won.

Skipper: But you lost, loser.

Professor: It was a quality match, no matter how you slice it, though.

Rez: But if there's one thing I've learned, you don't get very far when you dwell on the past. You can't ever get to your future, when you're living in memories, especially negative memories, so tonight, I've come out here with a vow. No, I'm not predicting a win tonight against Dark Horse, that'd be sheer folly.

Skipper: Because he knows he's going to lose.

Professor: No one knows that, Skip.

Skipper: I do, in fact I predict Rez Acid will get flattened by Dark Horse here tonight.

Rez: No, tonight I vow to shake off my past loses and persevere. I vow to come out here tonight and give each and everyone of you fans your money's worth. I vow tonight to come out against Dark Horse and put on a show that all of you fans can tell your friends about. See, I'm not interested in the W's and the L's, I care only about making sure that all you people in these seats and all of you watching from home get exactly what you deserve out of this show, and that is wrestling entertainment at it's finest. Unlike some of my counterparts in the back, I'm not here to pick up a paycheck and go through the motions, I'll leave that to my opponent tonight. You see, Dark Horse is nothing more than a fraud.

Professor: Well, that's a strong accusation from Acid.

Skipper: I think he suffers from "Foot in Mouth Disorder", Professor.

Rez: You see, Dark Horse is in this federation for one reason and one reason only, greed. He doesn't care about you, the fans. He shows a lack of respect for his opponents. He does a disservice to all the hard working me and women that help bring this show to you, the camera men, the ring crew, the folks in the truck, even Skip and the Professor here, we all get slighted by these so called "professionals" like Dark Horse, when they don't even take the time to come out here and acknowledge anything other than their weekly take from this company.

Skipper: For the record, he doesn't speak for me.

Professor: I can appreciate Rez sticking up for the little man on this, though, Skip.

Rez: So I make this promise to each and everyone here tonight: Rez Acid will not take anyone for granted. And rest assured, when I take on Dark Horse tonight, win, lose or draw, I'll make sure he feels the wrath of all the people he's walked on to get where he is today.

Rez's music hits and he drops the mic in the middle of the ring and heads to the back to prepare for his match.

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