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Post  SilverDragon on Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:22 am

The arena goes black as “Through Fire and Flames” begins to play. From beneath the Titantron the Silhouetted form of Silver Dragon appears, to his left a small figure wearing a kimono emerges and to his right D Stroyer comes out as well. In the ring Mary Ann stands with a microphone waiting for them to approach. The crowd cheers on their favorite comedy relief.

Silver spreads his arms and what appear to be glittering silver wings sprout from his arms. He begins to run to the ring as his accompaniment follows him. When he gets near the ring he jumps and flies up to a top turnbuckle and holds his hands up.

Skip: Oh my God first Robots now we have a real life dragon!

Professor: What can I say Skip the AWAA is full of surprises. Silver Dragon is one that never fails to surprise the audience, pleasantly or otherwise.

The crowd roars at the spectacle. He then hops down and helps the figure garbed in a kimono and D Stroyer into the ring. The lights come on and the crowd sees that the wings are made from painted nylon and that the kimono garbed figure is the Sushi Girl. Silver Dragon walks toward Mary Ann and she smiles.

Skip: Oh no he has that Sushi hussie with him!

Professor: Calm down skip.

Skip: *Calls out* Hey silver I can get you some quality sushi at better prices!

The Sushi girl hears this and flashes skip a glare, then from beneath her kimono pulls out a ninja star. She throws it at the announcer table in front of Skip, intentionally missing him. Skip sits stunned.

Skip: That hussie…

Professor: *Stunned* Quiet skip or next time I don’t think she’ll miss.

Mary Ann walks over to Silver Dragon and smiles as she announces “Ladies and Gentlemen tonight I’m here with one of the finalists in the Television Championship tournament, Silver Dragon. With him are D Stroyer and *Mary Ann pulls out a card, looks at it and snorts with laughter* Shushi Magushi!

The crowd chuckles at the name, Shushi gives the crowd a wild look and they quickly fall silent.

Mary Ann: Silver, you managed to defeat Kane Masked, you somehow defeated Mean Mike Stone, and now you are facing Mr. Roboto for the Television Championship. How do you feel?
Silver Dragon: Oh I feel great, this is one of the happiest moments of my life, even happier when I got my pet snake when I was nine! Though I was a little sad after that because he ate my pet Chihuahua Freddy…

The crowd chuckles and cheers

Professor: Hey you want to get in good with Silver Dragon, maybe you can buy him a new chihuahua skip!

Skip: Are you kidding, I wouldn’t even spit on the man if he was on fire…

Mary Ann: Many people say that the odds are greatly stacked against you, the local newspapers are saying that you need a miracle to win, how do you feel about that?

Silver Dragon: Well Mary Ann I believe in Santa Clause

The crowd cheers

Silver Dragon: And I believe in the Cadbury Bunny!

The crowd looks a little hesitant but cheers anyway

Silver Dragon: And I believe in miracles, and I think that tonight I can get in this ring, make Mr. Roboto in my Dragon Tamer, make him tap out, and leave tonight the first ever AAWA Television Champion!

Shushi and D Stroyer both clap and the crowd cheers loudly

Professor: Amazing, I don’t think I’ve seen Silver Dragon this pumped or serious! This is awesome.

Skip: His success is starting to go to his head, he’s turning into an arrogant loudmouth. The only way he’ll win the title tonight is if pigs fly.

Professor: *Jokingly* Be careful Skip if he hears you talking like that he might breathe fire on you.


Mary Ann: Well Dragon I wish you the best of luck. Do you have any response to the local sports book putting the odds of your victory at 50 - 1?

Silver Dragon: Yes, I just put a whopping big bet on myself. And if I win I’m going to take that money and throw a huge party, and everyone is invited! Then I’m going to buy my fan in San Antonio a lifetime supply of prunes…
Skip: Oh how generous you are you idiotic Dragon.

Silver Dragon:…and I’m going to give the money that’s left over to our commentator Skip so he can open his own Sushi Bar!

The crowd cheers

Skip: I mean you are a wonderful most generous person Silver! May angels sing praises to you!

Professor: Skip you cease to amaze me.

Skip: What?

*Professor shakes his head and turns his attention to the interview.*

Mary Ann: Tonight is your chance to Make AAWA history Silver Dragon as the first Televeision Champion. Are you prepared for your last challenge?

Silver Dragon: Oh yeah, I did a bunch of Tai Shue and Feng Chi to mentally prepare, I got my fill of some good quality Sushi, trained for hours on end, and spent several hours watching Tom and Jerry with my new manager *points to Shushi* and friend D Stroyer, I’m ready to give the people here in this arena 119.35% tonight!

The crowd cheers wildly.

Skip: I don’t think its possible to give that much of yourself.

Professor: Well either way, he has his work cut out for him. If Silver Dragon wins tonight it will be the biggest upset in AAWA history.

Mary Ann: Well Silver it has indeed been a pleasure. Good luck tonight Silver!

Silver Dragon: Same for me Mary, its always fun to talk with a beautiful lady!

Mary Ann: *Smiles* Thank you Silver.

Silver Dragon: You’re welcome, now I must go sing Kumbaya for a few minutes and do some Theraputing flower arranging to finish my mental preparations!

“Through Fire and Flames begins playing and Silver Dragon leaves the ring, followed by his friend and manager*

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