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Post  Rez on Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:58 am

Professor: Rez Acid in the ring with a mic in hand, I think he's got something on his mind Skip.

Skipper: I bet if he had a tail, it'd be between his legs after the beating that Jesse Kincade gave him in the US Title tourney's opening round.

The fans continue to cheer and Rez just smiles and waits for them to settle down before clearing his throat

Rez: Thank you for that, ladies and gentlemen, thank you indeed. I'm glad I could be here tonight with all of you, and before I get to my opponent this week, I've got to address a few things that have been weighing on my mind lately.

Professor: I knew that he had something he wanted to get off his chest, you could just see it in the way he came down to the ring. He's all business, this guy.

Skipper: My first clue was the mic, but hey, I'm a bit more observant than most.

Rez: Actually, I've got a couple of issues with a couple of the guys in the back. Let me get to the first one, my first opponent here in the AAWA-Shadow Knight. It seems that even though he's doing well for himself, he can't seem to shake the past, and I get that. I've got a past that just seems to haunt me at every turn, Shadow, so I get it. You wish you could have that perfect winning streak, that spotless record, I understand your frustration, I really do.

Skipper: Yeah, considering that Rez is 1-1, courtesy of the future US Champ, Jesse Kincade.

Professor: You mean the man that hasn't won the belt and only advanced by taking out Acid before he even got the the ring?

Skipper: Genius, that move, pure gold!

Rez: But here's what you need to understand: No one but you cares about that match. These fans here tonight have all but forgotten that I dominated you in that match, haven't you guys?

Professor: Listen to these fans! I don't think they've forgotten Rez-

Skipper: These idiots wouldn't know quality if it was on sale at their local Wal-Mart.

Rez: Alright, so the fans haven't forgotten, but here's the gist, I have, Shadow. I don't care that I beat you, I really don't. As far as I'm concerned, it's over and done with and I've moved on. But you can't let go, can you? I suppose for someone like you, talented, in the prime of your career, and eager to prove yourself, a simple loss to someone like me is clearly hard to swallow. Well, good news friend, I'm here to let the healing begin. I'm all about helping out my fellow man.

Skipper: Can someone cut the mic on this hogwash? Who's he fooling, Shadow Knight is clearly out of his league now, I'd feel the exact same way in his shoes.

Professor: I don't know about that, Skip. Rez is a quality competitor here in the AAWA, and a clear fan favorite.

Rez: Step one: Focus. You have a shot to move on in the US Title tourney, I'm out of the running for that one-

Professor: Listen to the boos reigning down after that statement!

Skipper: I'll hand it to Rez, he's honest. He's clearly not champion material.

Rez: More on that in a minute, folks, I promise. Just bear with me. Shadow, you need to stop looking in the rear view mirror and start living in the present, with thoughts of the future. Which would you rather have-a victory over me and no US Title shot or a loss to me and chance to strap that gold around your waist. This isn't a tough decision, Shadow, not at all.

Professor: That's a good point, right there.

Skipper: Are we sure Rez's ring name shouldn't be switched to "Captain Obvious"?

Rez: Step 2: Train up. You've got to be not only mentally prepared for the potential success you may experience, but physically able to stand up to the myriad of challengers that are ahead of you. You need to hit the weights, spar some, watch film of your opponents. You've got so many things to do, wasting time on me seems kinda small in comparison, doesn't it? The more time you spend dwelling on the "coulda, woulda, shoulda's" in your life, the less time you have to spend actually taking care of the "can, will, have's" you have in front of you.

Skipper: Is this Dr. Phil or wrestling?

Professor: He has valid points so far, Skip.

Rez: Step 3: Stop making ridiculous threats about me. I can't stress this one enough. I'm a fairly calm dude, Shadow, but if you keep goading me, I'm gonna take it as a threat, and when I'm threatened, I get aggressive. Listen up, darling, and listen good. You make another asinine threat about me and I will react. You couldn't destroy me once and you sure as sugar won't even if given the next thirty years to try again. I will bury you if you don't wise up, and that, my friend, isn't a threat, it's not a promise, it's a stone cold fact.

Professor: Woah, listen to this crowd get behind Rez Acid! Those were some strong words of warning.

Skipper: All I heard was lunacy and idiocy. This guy has sn actual death wish.

Rez: There, now that we've checked off number 4 from Shadow Knight's list of "to do's" we can move on to a matter that is a little nearer and dearer to me. Jesse Kincade.

Professor: Oh, the crowd doesn't like that name, listen to the boos.

Skipper: They'll cheer when he's US Champ, I'm telling you that guy is pure money.

Rez: Jesse, I don't mind losing. Winning isn't terribly important to my career arc, even if it happens to cost me a shot at a title. I understand that losing is a part of this business, just like winning. I'm rational enough, unlike some Shadow Knight's, to understand that, just like the saying, "They can't all be winners". What I do mind is when cheap shot artists like you do shady things for no really good reason. Attacking me in the back before our match? Are you that afraid of me? That's a rhetorical question, sweetheart, don't bother answering.

Skipper: "Sweetheart"? Did that attack knock his brain off keel, talking like that to Jesse Kincade will only end badly for Rez.

Professor: I think the kid gloves have come off for Rez Acid here tonight.

Rez: So here's what were gonna do, I'm gonna let that one slide, 'K. I get that you didn't think you could have beaten em without that backstage attack, and clearly winning is VERY important to you, so that one is on the house. I'm not gonna retaliate.

Professor: The crowd doesn't like that decision from Acid.

Skipper: Ha! I knew he was a coward.

Rez: But this comes with a guarantee. I, Pavel Reznik, personally guarantee that if you try that kind of foolishness again, I will make you beg for mercy and forgiveness before I destroy you. I won't just get even, I'll make sure that you and everyone like you think, not twice, but a hundred times before they try something like that again. You will be made example of, and trust me Jesse, it will be a dismantling unlike anything any wrestling fan has ever seen and will ever see. What's left of your disfigured body will wish that you'd just taken your chances and faced me like a man.

Professor: Rez Acid is all business tonight, Skip.

Skipper: He's a lunatic, he's just out here spouting nonsense at this point to hear himself talk, Professor.

Rez: Now that I've got that off my chest, let's turn the attention where it deserves to be turned, Mr. Roboto. I don't have any harsh words for you...yet. Let me just say this, I have no reason to be disrespectful toward you, so I won't be, but if you don't think I'm going to use our match-up to back up the words I've laid out there tonight, then you clearly don't understand a thing about the wrestling industry. It was your bad luck that you drew me, Roboto, nothing more, nothing less. I do hope, however, that you bring everything you can to the table against me on Spotlight, because I won't back down from anything. Win or lose, I plan on taking a small part of you with me, and I hope you plan to do the same. Let's give these great fans a show, huh Roboto, whaddya say?

Professor: Well, Rez Acid certainly spoke his mind here tonight, hey Skip?

Skipper: All I see is a dead man walking, Professor, nothing more than a corpse in the making.

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