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Templeton Peck

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Post  Shadydeal on Tue Mar 09, 2010 7:31 pm

The camera focuses in on "interviewer", standing with Templeton Peck before tonight's tournament match...
I am standing here with Templeton Peck, one of the top contenders for the
prestigious AAWA Heavyweight Title. Templeton, I would like to get your
thoughts on the upcoming match with CYRIL CHEESE MASTER, and your tournament match for the belt.
Templeton Peck:
I have said this many times before, I am headed to the top, and there is
not a single person on this planet who is going to stop me! So with this
in mind let me move on to more pressing issues, (a look of disgust comes
upon the face of Templeton), CYRIL CHEESE MASTER. There is not a doubt in my mind that I am going to take the title opportunity from you CYRIL. You
know, just as well as everyone in this arena knows, and like the millions
fans around the world know, that you cant beat me CYRIL! I am clearly
the superior athlete. With more charisma, better looks, a wider move set, better technique, and more intelligence than a peon of your stature could ever fathom! So interviewer", to finish answering your question, I'd say CYRIL is merely a stepping stone for me. That belt will be with it's rightful owner soon enough...TEMPLETON!!! PECK!!!!
Next I would like to ask you about how you have made it this far in the Tournament, and what kind of help you have had along the way, be it training, advice, or any other type of assistance to bring you this far, in such a short time.
Templeton frowns as he snatches the mic violently from "interviewers" hand.
Templeton Peck:
Your time here is up "interviewer"! Now hit the bricks before I forget that I'm
a gentleman and show you why I don't need any "help" beating the crap out of
CYRIL! That's right, you heard me toots, kick rocks, move it!!!
MaryAnn subtly moves away from Templeton Peck, and out of the frame. The camera zooms in on Templeton.
Templeton Peck:
Lets get one thing straight...I don't need "help" from anyone to beat CYRIL,
I am going to completely destroy CYRIL. The fact of the matter is that I like
to stay in prime condition, and we all know that I like to face the toughest
competition in the world... Be it CYRIL, or anyone else, it makes no difference. I shall obtain the AAWA Championship, and carry the belt to the heights that it deserves. I shall demolish CYRIL CHEESE MASTER, although I would hardly categorize him as a master, more like a rat, or mouse, or some other filthy critter of no
consequence, to be exterminated or kept in a cage as a pet. Tonight, I will
exterminate this puny weakling and dispatch him of this title opportunity.
I shall claim my golden bounty...the AAWA Heavyweight Championship!!!
Templeton Peck stares intently into the camera as the picture fades to black...

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