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Kincade taunts Trimalcio

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Kincade taunts Trimalcio Empty Kincade taunts Trimalcio

Post  Jesse Kincade on Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:39 pm

Jesse Kincade walks alone down to the ring, up the steel steps, and enters through the middle of the ropes. Theres somewhat of a smirk on his face.

Prof: Jesse looks to be in a good mood tonight.

Skip: Well, he should be. He'll be leaving with gold around his waist before tonight is over.

Prof: Theres still 1 more road block before he achieves that goal.

Skip: Yeah, I know. He'll have to dance with Trimalcio.

Jesse Kincade: Before this show is over there will be a champion. The first champion of any sort to ever exist in the AAWA, will be a United States Champion. That fact alone will make tonights match between Trimalcio and myself historic. Now history is something very important to both myself and Trimalcio. I'm willing to do anything to be a part of it, and he flunked it 6 times in college.

Skip: I believe Jesse is trying to undermine Trimacios academic achievements.

Prof: Well, most people who spend as much time in college as Trimalcio have 3 doctorate degrees.

Jesse: Its time you realized the party is over frat boy. When you step into the ring tonight class is in session and if your heads not in the game I'm likely to take it clean off your shoulders. You will not come out here, dance around, and act like a clown. You will take me seriously.

Prof: Jesse is working himself into a frenzy. Fans seem to have mixed emotions about the whole thing.

Skip: Thats cause they like Trimalcio about as much as they like Jesse. They really don't know what to make of it.

Prof: You mean the crowd hates both fighters?

Skip: Hates such a strong word. I'd say they just haven't connected with either one of them yet.

Jesse: I'd like to say there was an option for you Trimalcio. That your future looked bright ahead. But the fact of the matter is its looking pretty bleak for you right now. You see, fate put you in my way and being in my crosshairs isn't a place anyone wishes to be. You will leave here tonight broken, battered, and beaten. Whereas I will leave the United States Champion. For I am the real deal and this is the dawning of a new era. The era of Kincade.

Trimalcios music kicks on.

Prof: I didn't think he'd stay quiet for long. Here comes Jesses opponent.

As Trimalcio appears at the top of the ramp and raises a microphone to his mouth his music abruptly stops to be replaced by Abbas Dancing Queen.


Skip: Whats happening? Is there a technical malfunction or something?

Trimalcio looks towards the sound booth confused and upset.

Trimalcio: Whats going on? Turn this off. Turn it off right now.

In the ring Jesse Kincade is laughing so hard he has to lean on the top rope with both hands to support himself. A spot light shines on the sound booth to reveal Trinity Evens dancing with her arms in the air.

Crowd: Mixture of cheers and laughter.

Skip: I didn't know Trinity Evans was our sound coordinator.

Prof: I'm pretty sure shes not.

Trimalcio: Cut this off right now! Cut it off.

The sound is cut from Trimalcios microphone. He can be seen mouthing the words cut it off 1 more time without being heard. Flushed with anger he looks towards the ring and Jesse Kincade. Jesse still laughing waves his arms in the air and swivels his hips, swaying with the music. Trimalcio turns and storms back to the dressing room as Dancing Queen continues to play. The music stops soon after Trimalcio is gone.

Skip: You don't think Jesse had anything to do with Trinity being in the sound booth do you?

Prof: Shes his valet. I'm sure he at least knew she was there.

Jesse, still chuckling over the gag, exits the ring and makes his way back up the ramp.

Skip: I just don't think its wise to humiliate Trimalcio like that and To Ze should escort Trinity Evans out for having poor taste in music.

Prof: I thought Jesse was your odds on favorite to win this tournament. Don't tell me your having second thoughts about his tactics now.

Skip: He was, I mean is. I just hope he knows what hes doing.

Prof: We'll find out soon enough.

Jesse Kincade

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Kincade taunts Trimalcio Empty Re: Kincade taunts Trimalcio

Post  trimalcio on Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:35 pm

Mary Ann enters the dressing room of Trimalcio quietly where he is flexing into the mirror and talking to himself

Trimalcio: Who does Jesse Kincaid think he is? He certainly isn't a wrestler, he is just a backyard Hack want-to-be. You are the Man Trimalcio. Just look at this body. You can out-wrestle him and out-think him. He may be hardcore, but you are hard....Trimalcio notices Mary Ann in the mirror reflection...

Trimalcio: Hey Baby...you lookin' for some good action with the Man Trimalcio?

Mary Ann: Actually, No...I do have some standards..but I would like to talk to you about your upcoming Title match with Jesse Kincaid.

Trimalcio: Let me ask you this Mary Ann, what do you think of Jesse Kincaid?

Mary Ann: Well, he is pretty hot when he is all sweaty and putting the hurt on.

Trimalcio: You haven't seen anything yet Baby doll. Jesse is going to be beat down like a dog. Hardcore Jesse is going to be running home cryin' to his mama that this Party Animal grabbed the title and he couldn't do a thing.

Mary Ann: Well, it was kind of funny that he had Trinity in the sound booth to play his music..

Trimalcio: WHAT? So that is what happened. I'm going to go take care of this Right now.

Mary Ann: But..Wait I wasn't supposed to tell you that..

Trimalcio exits the room pushing past Mary Ann and the Cameraman, on his way directly to the dressing room of Jesse Kincaid. The door is slightly a jar and he pushes it open forcefully. The camera looks over Trimalcios shoulder and sees Trinity in there by herself.

Trimalcio: So Trinity...Ready to be with a Real Man??

Her eyes dart around the room, looking for an answer to what she should do..

Trimalcio reaches under his toga and pulls out a bottle of an adult beverage.

Trimalcio: You have some glasses? We need to talk.

Trimalcio slams the door shut in the camermans face and a click is heard from inside.


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Kincade taunts Trimalcio Empty Re: Kincade taunts Trimalcio

Post  Jesse Kincade on Sun Mar 14, 2010 1:35 am

In the hall just outside of Jesse Kincades locked dressing room door there is the sounds of some sort of struggle. Suddenly the door opens and Trinity Evans comes storming out Trimalcio grabs her arm as she tries to retreat.

Trimalcio: Baby just listen to me. Hear me out.

Trinity Evans: Get off of me you creep.

Trinity turns and slaps Trimalcio across the face. Trimalcio lets go of here arm and backs out of the doorway into the hall.

Trimalcio: You're going to regret that. You and your boyfriend are both going to pay for tangling with me. You just wait.

Trinity: Whatever!

Trimalcio turns and storms down the hall to his own dressing room. Trinity stands there watching him go. Jesse Kincade comes up to stand beside Trinity.

Jesse: What was Party Boy doing over here?

Trinity: He made a pass at me.

Jesse: What? Are you ok?

Trinity: Yeah, I'm fine. He came over here and pulled a bottle of wine out from under his toga.

Jesse: He pulled what from where?

Trinity: Wine from his toga. Its a good year red. Do you want a glass?

Jesse: No thanks, I have a creeping suspicion I know where its been.

Trinity: Hes really blown his top Jesse. Where were you anyway?

Jesse: Out in the main corridor. That little Japanese girl is back with her sushi. She makes the best spicy tuna hand rolls I've ever had.

Trinity: Well, did you bring me some?

Jesse holds up a takeout bag as conformation. Trinity and Jesse both enter the dressing room and close the door.

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Jesse Kincade

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Kincade taunts Trimalcio Empty Re: Kincade taunts Trimalcio

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